General stipulations for project objectives

A successful project is SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Accepted
  • Reasonable
  • Time-bound

starting point of any project planning

What is the final result of the project going to be?

  • describe the final result of the project as detailedly (and as foreseeably) as possible

What do we have to do in order to complete the objective?

or put in other words:

Who has to do what how when where and why?

achieving goals via subgoals

Project plan!

  • define subgoals which are necessary to achieve the project objective
  • schedule: set deadlines by which your subgoals have to be achieved
  • quality management: define quality criteria

    • which have to meet the subgoal's requirements
    • which have to meet everyday use requirements for the time after the project has been completed

  • necessary activities: define activities which are necessary to achieve the subgoal in the desired quality
  • human resource management: choose persons who are both available and competent to realize the subgoal assigned to them
  • if necessary: split a subgoal into several further subgoals
  • resource management: are all necessary resources available to achieve the subgoals?

    • means, tools, etc.?
    • skills and competences of the persons assigned to the respective subgoal?

possible obstacles

  • numerous ways to achieve the goal: which one can you agree on?
  • conflicting subgoals: which subgoal will you adapt?
  • persons involved have different interests, e. g. students in school want to realize projects that teachers reject due to pedagogical reasons
  • interdependencies between different measures, e. g. one specific measure that is taken in order to achieve a subgoal may cause positive consequences among one group of students but disadvantages to to others
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