Self-learning centre


The self-learning centre is a place where students can find a rest after the school to learn or to do homework.

In this room students find this rest. Here are different tables and chairs for several students. There is always a quiet atmosphere so that everybody can achieve what they want and have time to learn to achieve good grades.

Moreover the room is equipped with one or several computers so that all students can use this for their aims. In addition there are also many dictionaries or other reference books which are very helpful.

In this room there should not be loud talking, otherwise the atmosphere which is required can not be reached. Best you should not use your mobile here because it may disturbe the concentration.

Problems that are solved with this measure

Many students do not have the possibility to learn calmly at home or to concentrate. Or maybe the way to their home is too long so that they do not have any motivation left to learn or do homework. For this problem a self-learning centre would be the best. You are able to do homework after lessons and go home to rest and not think any more about school.

Some people also need a place where they are not disturbed e. g. by brothers and sisters. Here they can do everything they want calmly.

Since the homework are finished directly after school they can rest and relax in the evening or do sports perhaps.

Implementation steps

  • ask (e. g. , in a survey) how many students would use this self-learning centre. Then you can decide how big the room should be
  • create a working plan in which you explain what has to be done to install the new equipment, furniture, etc.
  • calculate how much the new equipment, furniture, etc. will cost and make a list of the necessary costs
  • Prepare a presentation about the self-learning centre for the school management. Explain why you would like to have the self-learning centre and which problems can be  solved with the centre
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