Schoolyard development


The aim is to design the schoolyard in such a way that the students stay with pleasure outdoors. For that enough seat possibilities should be furnished, so that students can sit together comfortably in groups. To be able to use this also in bad weather, enough roofing should be mounted.

Also a colourful design of the seating possibilities or of parts of the building as well as plants would improve the appearance of the schoolyard. With a planting project the students could be involved in the development, just as with activities for the fitness support on the schoolyar, for example, a sports festival.

Besides the installation of new, more fashionably shaped garbage cans would be welcome, because this could inspire the students to keep the playground clean.

Problems that are solved with this measure

Teachers often have no good overview during the break supervision, because not all students are on the schoolyard. If students are encouraged to spend their break there,  the likelyhood of hidden vandalism would be reduced.

Moreover, a nicer schoolyard inspires students  to keep it clean of garbage, so this would cause that  for example garbage would be thrown directly in the garbage can.

Implementation steps

  • make surveys to ask about the wishes of the school community with regard to the schoolyard development
  • carry out Internet searches about the creation of other playgrounds
  • Make a sketch of a realizable plan, for example, with an on-line programme
  • Pick out suitable seat possibilities, as well as plants, garbage cans and other desired objects as well as their costs, get offers and compare these
  • Plan certain actions and activities for using the schoolyard or for planting plants
  • sum up the ideas in a comprehensive planning (desired final state + realisation planning) and introduce them to the school management
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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