Break room


The break  room is a room in which students can relax during a stressful school day, as well as learn. This room is equipped with pieces of furniture which are selected by the students. The day room should invoke  the feeling in the students  that they are at home, they should feel fine in this space.

The learning sphere for the students should be formed more pleasantly and the space should be laid out taking into account the wishes and needs of the students. Particularly full-day students should get the possibility to have a space in which they exchange themselves mutually, can learn and rest. 

Problems that are solved with this measure

Many students do not know what they should do in their free periods. With this break room this problem is solved. The students are able to take it easy as well as learn in the break room. They have the possibility to listen to music, to read books, to play board games, to use their smartphone and a lot more.

Implementation steps

  • To conduct a survey among the affected students about ideas or proposals for equipment and usage rules
  • Evaluation of the survey
  • Negotiations with the school management about the conversion and usage rules
  • If necessary: Organisation of a donation campaign
  • with consent of the school management realization of the break room with as many students' ideas as possible
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