School bell

Unfortunately acoustic pollution is becoming part of our everyday environment. Nevertheless we should not get used to it as part of our standard surrounding. We should look for less noisy atmosphere as part of a healthy life style in every field either schools, jobs or streets. And this is the reason that made us change the bell ring at school. This is actually a noisy, nervous breaker and hideous very loud alarm that signals the end of class periods. We think that a musical tune should be the ideal solution for marking those changes and create an harmonic atmosphere at school.

The school is a place where we students and teachers spend long hours every day and we consider that it is necessary to create a harmonic atmosphere that will make a nicer surrounding and this fact will influence a happier attitude with students  towards high school. Having a noisy, horrible alarm does not help to appeal students to move enthusiastically from class period to another class. We believe that changing the alarm to a musical soundtrack system will create a better atmosphere in the whole school.

Possible concrete steps to complete the objective

There is a vocational electronics family at school, and it will be interesting to involve those students and some of the department teachers in the project to present a budget and a possible technical design for the new bell.

Calculate how much the project may cost.

The project will be presented to the other members of the Erasmus team and to the direction bureau.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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